Training & Membership

Training in Lapunti does not require any prior training or experience with other martial arts. Complete beginners as well as practitioners of other martial arts are very much welcome, and we encourage especially those who have experience with other martial arts to show courtesy and respect for practioners of other styles. During training we try to follow certain rules and regulations in order to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere that is properly conducive for practice and improvement in the art.

Each Lapunti club or instructor may set their own requirements and fees. The updated training requirements and fees below are the ones set by, and applies to members of, the Lapunti UP Diliman Training Group.

Membership Requirements

  • At least 7 years old*
  • Duly accomplished membership form
  • 2x2 ID picture
  • Annual LADAI membership fee**
  • Annual Lapunti UP club membership fee**
  • Monthly training fee**

* Younger students may apply and be accepted upon evaluation, but Lapunti employs weapons and movements that children below 7 years old may still find too hard to perform, especially with safety considerations both for themselves and their partner.
** See training fees below for details

Training Gear

  • Lapunti UP uniform (black shirt with Lapunti UP design) or any plain black shirt for beginners
  • Loose black cargo pants or shorts (beginners may wear loose black jogging pants)
  • One rattan stick for beginners. A pair of rattan sticks and training blades (at least one practice knife) for more advanced students.
  • Rubber shoes or rubber-soled sandals (avoid wearing expensive, large-threaded runnning shoes if possible, smooth-soled rubber footwear is recommended for practice)

We now require new members to train actively for at least 6 months and successfully pass the test for the Luntian level before they can wear the Lapunti UP uniform. Before that, students are encouraged to wear a plain black shirt and pants during training.

Visiting members from other chapters are welcome to train wearing their club’s uniform.

Other things to bring

Optional but recommended

  • Extra shirt or change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Water or any fluid refreshment to minimize the risk of dehydration


  • All members are required to bring a courteous and respectful attitude towards others, an open and curious mind, and a healhty thirst for learning and improving oneself within the art.

Training Fees and Schedule

Membership & Training Fees

Full members of Lapunti UP are required to pay the following fees:

Club Membership & Training Fees
Annual LADAI membership fee Php 1000
Annual club membership fee Php 500
Montly training fee Php 500
Club ID* Php 200
Club uniform** Php 300

* To be renewed annually
** For XS (extra small) to XL (extra large) sizes, plus Php 10 for each additional extra size above XL (i.e., XXL, XXXL--the prices are dictated by, and may increase, depending on our shirt supplier).

Promotion and Other Fees

Members are expected to pay the required promotion or teaching certification fees as may be required by Lapunti Arnis De Abanico International (LADAI), and which may vary depending on the level and type of certification.

Regular Training Schedule

  • 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM every Sunday
  • Venue: UP Carillon Plaza
  • Schedule
    • Warm up and Drills (all are required to attend) – 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM
    • Training Proper (segregated according to student level) – 9:00 AM to 11 AM
    • Advanced Training (for Lakan members) – 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Special Classes / One-on-one Sessions

Special classes or one-on-one sessions could be arranged for club members. Fees for special sessions would normally be higher than the regular training fee depending on the schedule and training venue. This is no longer covered by the club and is best discussed personally with the instructor.

Lapunti UP Diliman Training Group is a non-profit oriented organization. Whatever fees we collect from our members are mostly spent on the following:

  • Transportation allowance/reimbursements for instructors
  • Annual remittances to LADAI Cebu headquarters based on membership count for the current year
  • Travel, food, and lodging expenses for visiting Masters and Grandmasters or those invited by the club to conduct rank evaluations, promotions, and seminars
  • Operational expenses for the club and its members

Lapunti UP instructors do not receive nor ask for salary or a fixed monthly stipend aside from the travel reimbursements. The club's chief instructors have to travel a long way from Bulacan to UP Diliman to teach on Sundays and the least that the club can do is to compensate them for their expenses.