Training Rules & Regulations

The main goal of the club is to provide a conducive environment for all those interested in learning arnis/escrima, Lapunti Arnis De Abanico style. We will provide the highest quality of instruction and training possible for any person who enjoys participating in the art. We will project an atmosphere where people with or without martial arts experience can learn to defend themselves, get an excellent workout, have fun, and ultimately improve as an individual.

To ensure a safe, enjoyable, and pleasant training environment, it is necessary to provide certain rules and regulations and to uniformly enforce them. As such, we request all members to familiarize themselves with the following rules:

  1. Be punctual. Always make sure that you arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled training session.
  2. All members, including instructors, are expected to come in the proper attire/uniform during practice.
  3. Keep fingernails trimmed and clean. Long hair should be tied back and jewelry removed.
  4. Members shall conduct themselves in a professional manner during training or any club function.
  5. Chewing gum, eating, drinking, smoking, spitting on training grounds or any other unseemly behaviors are not allowed while training is in session.
  6. Short breaks would be called for rest and refreshment and members can only do so in specially designated areas to avoid littering the training grounds.
  7. It is every member’s duty to keep the training grounds clean and free from litters. Members are expected to clean up after themselves, especially before leaving the training grounds, and to place their litter in any of the garbage bins surrounding the area.
  8. No student shall be allowed to join or leave the class while training is in progress without the instructor’s express permission. In order to do so, and to instill good manners and respect among members, a student must courteously ask for permission by first performing a normal salute with the weapon at hand or with the empty fist (whichever is applicable).
  9. Respect your fellow students’ experience in other martial arts or styles. Likewise, do not expound upon your experience in other arts to others during class, regardless of how it may relate to the techniques being taught.
  10. Lapunti Arnis De Abanico is a weapons based art, and the movements or techniques which are being taught have the potential to cause serious injury. As such, members should pay strict attention to their practice and follow the instructor’s advice at all times.
  11. Free sparring is not allowed without the direct supervision of an instructor.
  12. Members should assume responsibility for their own safety while ensuring the safety of their partner during training.
  13. It is the responsibility of each member to inform the instructor or their training partner of any condition which may aggravate an existing illness or injury.
  14. The lessons shall be determined by the designated instructor and given according to the student’s level in the art. New students may expect to be engaged in tutorial sessions separate from more advance students until they can assimilate or join regular sessions.
  15. No member of Lapunti Arnis De Abanico International (LADAI) may teach outside their club without the express permission of a senior instructor. Teaching without authorization will mean immediate dismissal and the revoking of any certification.

LADAI Officers reserve the right to alter and/or add to these Training Rules and Regulations in order to provide and maintain the best possible training environment for members.

Have fun while training!